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Everyday French


Grounded in the techniques and ingredients of French cooking, but democratized for today’s consumer, French cuisine has never been more approachable. No longer is it limited to an elite, exclusive, fine-dining experience, but French cooking is emerging with inventive twists and fusions – think Truffle Fried Rice, Vietnamese-Cajun Pommes Frites, and Mexican French Tacos.

Mediums like TikTok now allow chefs and consumers to learn and share these creations. These dishes and drinks are inspired by classic French fare, but with a personalization that adapts French technique and flavor to their own lifestyle and culture, like plant-based French, French-Asian, or French on-the-go.


Flavors & Techniques


While you may not even realize it, French cooking, ingredients, and technique – mother sauces, roux, and truffle, to name a few - is the backbone of so many of favorite dishes (think mac and cheese!). Approachable and fun, incorporating these into applications can increase appreciation for good food and flavor, and even give a nod to tradition, but with a modern lens.


Let’s explore some French techniques and flavors…


french food


French Patisserie has a huge repertoire and are cherished for their refined taste and study of perfection. However, while some pastries may require a maître pâtissier (master pastry chefs), the galette can be very easy to create and approachable to today’s consumer. A ‘free-form’ crust made with pastry dough, galettes offer a rustic appeal and can be filled with both sweet and savory ingredients, making it versatile for everyday to more celebratory applications. Think a French on-the-go snack or simple dessert.

french food

For an Asian twist, Chef Hadar combined the technique of galette with gochujang, a sweet and savory condiment from Korea which rings true to the marriage of flavors in French fusion. Explore other global profiles as fillings for a galette inspired app, like a Mexican al pastor or snickerdoodle almond butter filling!

french food


French Onion Soup is probably one of the most well-known and beloved French dishes enjoyed outside of France. Think beyond the bowl and apply that slow cooked broth with braised beef and toasted onion profile to simple, savory applications. For example, a French Onion Burger or a French Onion pasta both offer all the best elements off French onion soup – including caramelized onions, beef notes, and melty cheese.

Our French Onion Soup flavors (made with compound and reaction flavors) replicates the profile of a slow cooked broth and onion stew, reminiscent of a bowl of French onion soup. Imagine getting the flavor notes of a traditional cooking method without having to physically cook the ingredients. Perfect for dips, crackers, chips, dry soup mix and gravy applications.

french food


With the plant-based world now mainstream - and French cuisine becoming more approachable – it only makes sense to pair plant-based with French. Swapping hearty veggies like roasted zucchini and mushrooms for meat ensures all can enjoy French fare regardless of diet. With the ever-growing options for plant-based dairy, mother sauces like hollandaise can now be adapted for vegan diets.


Chef Felicia, Culinary Assistant, Australia developed a Confit Mushroom Banh Mi. A happy marriage of French and Vietnamese flavors and cuisine, it applies the French technique of confit to the popular Vietnamese sandwich, Bánh Mì. The result is an umami-loaded, melt-in-your-mouth mushroom confit sandwich filling, that when paired with a citrusy aioli, and crisp garnishes, truly elevates the sandwich game to new heights.


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