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Spirited Flavor

February 2022 | Marketing & Insights

While it is not uncommon to find alcohol in beloved recipes, giving it a fun and unique twist by including it in everyday ingredients and foods is an exciting way to elevate the eating experience.

Brands are experimenting with alcohol brands to create a fusion of artisanal flavors for a unique, artisanal, and sometime indulgent touch. These new recipes are crafted carefully to ensure the flavors are a perfect synergy of food and drink.    

Why it is Interesting

Millennials enjoy trying new and innovative beer recipes and styles. Outside the craft beer category, any brand can use flavor and product innovation to excite Millennial consumers, particularly if the new product or flavor gives these consumers the opportunity to try something entirely new.

Whether adding a delicate note or packing a punch, alcohol can elevate both sweet and savory condiments. The complex flavors of liquor, beer, and wine have inspired producers to come up with award-winning twists on classic condiments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Spirited Toppings

Craft spirits can enhance the flavor of traditional sauces and condiments. Consider high-end, premium spirits such as cognac and whiskey paired with fruits such as orange and apple.

 spirited flavor


Finely Brewed Flavors

Beers and authentic brews provide the taste of a refined aging process that is difficult to replicate. These sauces are sophisticated, memorable, and create a special occasion out of any meal.

Flavors include aged beers and spirits, such as barrel-aged and infusions into a variety of bases such as mustard or even soy sauce.

spirited flavor 

Decadent Wine Infused

Using the flavor profile of wines for sauces is not unheard of, but by making craft batches that are unique and unmatched, flavor profiles are elevated and refined.

Flavors include bright hints of infused citrusy wine, wine flavorings (i.e. rose) and hot/spice forward variations.

spirited flavor 


  • There is an opportunity for classic alcohol favorites like wine, rosé, beer, and whiskey to be added to sauces, condiments, meals or even snacks to create an exclusive experience.
  • Opportunities exist for unconventional craft production processes such as fermenting sauces in bourbon barrels. This gives consumers a sense of artisan authenticity in a product, instantly elevating it.

Let’s collaborate on your next spirited product. Contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.