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Playfully Preserved Flavor


In a playful, experimental approach to preservation of ingredients, chefs and home cooks are dreaming up new flavor profiles, getting the most out of their groceries (aka reducing waste) and enjoying the bounty of their markets and gardens far longer than traditional preparations may allow. Creative preservation techniques like pickling and fermenting deepen and shift flavors resulting in new taste experiences. People are interested in learning how to pickle: Between February 2021-Jan 2022 “pickling” averaged 189k US Google searches per month. The top searches around picking were “pickled red onions,” “pickled garlic,” “picked eggs,” and “pickled onions,” showing that consumers were interested in more than just pickling cucumbers.


Here are two takes on preservation created by our chefs that bring on the flavor:



Mango Kimchi

Fermentation is the process of using microorganisms – bacteria or yeast – to break down substances. Many of our favorite foods are fermented: coffee, cheese, bread and yogurt. Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented condiment made with cabbage, lots of spices and of course time, resulting in a distinct, spicy sour flavor. As the interest in Korean cuisine has risen, there has been a 116% increase in global food and beverage launches with “kimchi” as a flavor between 2017-2021 (Mintel).

Inspired by his local cuisine, our Chef Johan from the Philippines created a mango kimchi that is tastebud-tingling, tangy, and spicy.


Sipping Sours

Fruit peels as an ingredient vs. garnish and drinking vinegars are helping to reimagine the cocktail and mocktail revolution, bringing layered flavor to restaurants and bars across the country. Historically, preserving foods was a necessity, including drinking vinegars and shrubs which were used to preserve fruit during Colonial America. Discover the sweet and tart profile of sipping sours and experiment as a mixer.

Chef Juriaan Snellen from Canada crafted three sours that blend honey, spices, and other ingredients: 

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