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Featured Flavors: Filipino Pinoy BBQ

February 2021 | Author: Juriaan, Executive Corporate Chef, Canada

Our signature Flavor Forecast® report uncovers trends that shake up the way we cook, flavor and eat. As 2020 celebrated 20 years of forecasting, we’d like to share some of our favorite profiles that have made an impact on the flavor landscape and will continue to shape our tastes for tomorrow.

The underexplored Southeast Asian fare of Filipino street food was noted in our 2016 Flavor Forecast®. With tropical ingredients and multi-cultural influences, the vibrant and distinctive flavors of the Philippines draw attention from adventurous palates seeking bold new tastes.  A popular street food, Pinoy Pork BBQ is a fun and casual way to try the Tropical Asian cuisine.

Check out Chef Juriaan’s take on Filipino Pinoy BBQ:


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