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Together, we can create a better way to eat, drink and live​
You shouldn’t have to choose between taste your consumers love and your sustainability goals. As a flavor supplier and consumer company with a proud legacy of doing what's right, we understand the importance of responsibility. For the people, communities where we live, work, and source -- and the planet we all share -- we take our responsibility seriously. As a trusted partner, we will work with you to understand how we can support your sustainability goals. Your priorities are our priorities. Put us to the test.

Purposeful Performance

Consideration for people, communities and our planet is a key component of our business strategy and therefore integrated into our day-to-day decision-making. We believe in the power of people, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are working to help protect the planet by expanding our Grown for Good Initiatives, investments to reduce carbon emissions, and our increased use of renewable energy.


Standing Together for The Future of Flavor​

Our vision is a world united by flavor – where healthy, sustainable and delicious go hand in hand. With access to safe and high-quality ingredients, leading technology, and robust sustainability practices, we’re here to support you as you deliver clean label, natural and better-for-you solutions for your brand and consumers.


Interview with McCormick’s Chief Sustainability Officer

In this episode, we talk all things sustainability with McCormick’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Michael Okoroafor. Michael speaks about the need to collaborate to preserve the planet for future generations...

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tackle food waste

Engaging our Employees to Tackle Food Waste

While tackling the world’s sustainability challenges can seem overwhelming to many, we are working to engage our employees in fun and interactive ways, encouraging them to take simple steps to create a positive impact.

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Packaging and Sustainability

Packaging is a major focal point for environmental sustainability, as consumers are becoming more aware of the prevalence and risks of micro plastics and want to align with companies that take steps to reduce packaging waste.

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green buildings

Designing Green Buildings to Limit our Environmental Impact

Our new Maryland Logistics Center (MLC) is the latest example of how PLP is influencing our Global Supply Chain of the Future strategy, by employing best-in-class technologies to increase efficiency and storage density, while improving the site’s overall safety, quality, service, sustainability, and risk profile..

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Education in Madagascar

Working Together to Improve Education in Madagascar

Many of the communities from which we source vanilla from in Madagascar are situated in remote regions of the Sava district, with limited resources and infrastructure. Over the last few years, we have invested in multiple projects within the region, taking a holistic approach to the development of social and agricultural initiatives.

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Building Resiliency in our Supply Chains

McCormick’s Grown for Good framework includes our Grown for Good standard, the first sustainability certification of its kind specifically designed for the herbs and spices industry, and incorporates the principle of continuous improvement, including building resiliency in the communities where our iconic herbs and spices are grown.

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Building a Stronger Future Together through DE&I

Our 2025 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) goals are to have 50% of leadership positions globally held by women and 30% of leadership positions in the US held by ethnically diverse talent (EDT).

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Leading the Research into Net Zero Black Pepper

McCormick has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050. Our near-term Purpose-Led Performance goals are time-bound and quantifiable, however, while each has its own methodology for data capture and tracking, some are intrinsically linked.

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Empowering Women in Indonesia’s Cinnamon Supply Chain

The McCormick Women’s Empowerment Framework (M-WEF) was designed with support from CARE International, one of the largest and oldest humanitarian aid organizations, to identify the greatest risks to equality within farming communities, enabling our team and partners to design programs that create a positive impact on women’s level of empowerment.

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Transparency and Sustainability

Consumers today increasingly recognize the importance of sustainability, but they often find it to be complex and overwhelming.

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Sustainability 2023 Trend Report

The sustainability front has widened, and so have companies’ efforts to set and reach sustainability goals.

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Enabling Your Sustainability Goals: Partnering to Protect Biodiversity​

Just like you, McCormick Flavor Solutions is committed to doing what’s right for people, communities where we live, work, and source, and the planet we all share.

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Goals & Progress

Learn About Our Goals & Progress

In 2017, our corporation introduced a series of Purpose-led Performance commitments and clear performance targets for 2025 in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our own goals are closely aligned to these globally recognized objectives because as a company we have a responsibility to contribute to solutions for some of the world's most pressing issues.

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