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Multi-Dimensional Flavor Experiences

November 2020 | Megan, Lab Tech III

As a Lab Tech III for McCormick®, I love working in a field where trying something new is such a consistent part of my routine. Every day we’re discovering and experimenting with something different - new ingredients, new flavors, and new challenges – it’s always fresh and relevant. When it comes to food and flavor technologies, this is the space where I feel extra inspired!

I enjoy solving challenges with our suite of flavor technologies to enhance a product’s taste and texture. For example, to deliver the ultimate taste experience for a unique snack bar, I utilized our FlavorCell® encapsulation and FlavorFull™ modulation technologies…

With three different “releases”, each bar has chocolate at the base of it all.

  1. Release 1: Liquid flavor pineapple with a liquid habanero creates the complementary flavors of fruit and spicy, though the delivery is rather one dimensional.
  2. Release 2: The same flavor as the first series, but FlavorCell® Habanero is now added to delay the heat impact, resulting in a sequential release.
  3. Release 3: A FlavorFull™ creamy enhancer and chocolate flavor are added to the pineapple liquid flavor and habanero FlavorCell® to improve taste and texture in the compound coating … aka make it more chocolatey and impactful overall!

These tools, like FlavorCell® encapsulation and FlavorFull™ modulation technology allow us to really create versatility in the layered flavor experience in products like bars, protein bites and cereal. In the case of the Pineapple Habanero Bar, liquid flavors lead an upfront, more in-your-face flavor journey, followed by the delayed FlavorCell® heat reaction that shows up when you’re chewing the bar for a surprise impact, followed by that chocolate flavor that tastes more like actual chocolate because of the compound enhancer.

When it comes to trends in the industry, I’m always interested in what’s new and next. Something like golden milk is having a huge impact in the industry right now – so we’ve jumped on board to create a golden milk seasoning for sweet bakery applications. Staying in touch with trends like this benefits everyone – both our company and our consumers – and I look forward to continuing this work into the future. 

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