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Full Flavor Plants


Run, don’t walk, into the world of plant-based ingredients offering a rich experience of tastes and textures. Consumers and operators alike are exploring nut butters (beyond peanut butter!), veggies, pulses and other plant-based ingredients to replicate the indulgent and creamy mouthfeel of traditional creams and butters.

Pistachio and macadamia butters, coconut crème, and pea protein butters all signal a shift from traditional animal fats to replicate flavor and mouthfeel in a luxurious, memorable way. Tempting enough to enjoy by the spoonful straight from the jar, they become otherworldly when used as key ingredients in a variety of applications.


Check out some of the full-flavored dishes and drinks staring plants our Flavor Forecast Discovery Team encountered around the globe:


Oh Faon! is a plant-based pastry shop in Marseille France. Ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, almond puree and vegetable margarine are used to create delicious French pastries. Balade en Garrigue, one of their signature desserts, is made with rosemary mousse, pine nut praline and almond cream.


Planta, an innovative plant-based restaurant with multiple US locations, views “dining as it should be — an unguilty pleasure.” While visiting the Bethesda, MD location, team members were amazed at how plants were used to create creamy, full flavored dishes and desserts.  Torched & Pressed Sushi was made with avocado & torched miso which created a caramelized, sweet umami flavor. The Baked Crab Roll relied on hearts of palm for a hearty texture, and the flavors of citrusy ponzu and spicy mayo.


TE, a tea shop in Bangkok, Thailand offers a range of unique ‘tea alchemy’ beverages including milk tea, tea mocktails and tea cocktails. Chef Pix had the opportunity to try a milk tea called ‘Corn Star’ made with Assam black tea, brown sugar syrup, corn milk, whipped cream cheese foam and topped with chargrilled sweet corn. While it may seem unusual, corn milk is common in Asian counties. Though not technically plant-based since it still relies on dairy milk, the sweet flavor of corn steals the show (or the cup). The drink is described as slightly sweet (corn milk) and astringent (black tea) with a strong aroma. Topped with cream cheese foam to create a creamy mouthfeel, and chargrilled corn for texture and smoky flavor, this drink is every bit as unique as it is delicious.


Understanding that plant-based diets are gaining momentum, and no one wants to sacrifice taste or texture, our culinary teams have answered with the following creative recipes:


Cashew Lime Mocktail

Wanting to feature cashew, Chef Gabby (and Culinary Mixologist) created this gorgeous drink starring cashew in three forms: cashew butter, juice, and milk. Made with both lemon and cilantro, it is a refreshingly bright and balanced beverage that delivers a velvety, indulgent mouthfeel with every sip. Check out the recipe.


Vegan Pasta Carbonara

Chef Hugues delivered a comforting vegan take on carbonara that uses coconut milk, nutritional yeast, soft tofu, and mushrooms to recreate the creamy, bacon-forward flavor and texture of traditional pasta carbonara. Check out the recipe.


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