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Our Approach:Flavor Creation

Flavor Creation


When you work with McCormick you have a partner from concept to commercialization. We’ll place your project needs and the consumer eating experience center stage. With a variety of paths to pursue our services begin by aligning around your brand, project requirements and defining what success looks like.

Our flexible suite of technologies allows us to replicate your ideal culinary profile with an eye on specific health and dietary specifications and consumer need-states to ensure the desired flavor experience is delivered with every sip or bite.

Flavor Formats:

Results lickety-split

We’re up for the opportunity to quickly immerse ourselves in your brand, get to know your flavor ambitions and kick-start your innovation with our rapid concept & prototyping process. We’ll work side-by-side with you and your key decision-makers, exploring and tasting a variety of flavor solutions to help get you on the path to creating consumer-preferred, in-market success for your brand.

The Create IT®process

The Create IT process

Our proprietary Create IT process brings together a high-performance team, including: your key decision makers and our marketing, consumer insights, sensory, culinary, and product development experts. Together with input from your target consumers, we can increase your marketplace success and speed to market.