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Our Approach:FlavorReal™


Keeping it real

'Clean' can seem complicated but our collaborative, food-first approach to flavor creation can simplify your efforts. Our passion for flavor™ combined with our trusted & transparent ingredients can help you design deliciously complex flavors with consumer appeal.

SOURCING pure flavor


great taste

Our world-class sourcing and processing programs help consistently deliver safe, high quality spices and herbs to meet your health and wellness product requirements.

We build on our distinct history in creating great taste experiences with natural spices and herbs to guide our approach when converting your product from artificial to natural flavor.


Designing clean taste experiences is Real Simple with McCormick


Naturally created tastes crafted with pantry ingredients, natural flavors & extracts and culinary-inspired techniques.



Successfully meet ingredient statement & application requirements using our versatile suite of tools & technologies.



Deliver the transparency, authenticity and taste experiences consumers seek with the claims they are looking for.


“Low” and “No” are today’s tempo

Low sodium, low calorie, no added sugar. Notice a trend? So, do we. We focus on your specific label requirements to create custom clean-label solutions that fit your brand and consumers.

Anticipating Your Consumer’s Future Needs Millennial and Gen Z consumers are big on two things: global taste trends and healthy eating. As a rising force in taste trends, we can develop flavor solutions that help to meet your clean label needs. .

Natural Flavor Delivery Whether from the kitchen or the flavor lab, natural flavor is the key to success. We can develop winning flavor solutions containing natural flavors and naturally sourced ingredients.

FlavorFull®, Natural Flavor Modulation We use natural technology to mask the aftertaste and bitterness from grains, enhance sweetness when reducing sugar, and enhance salt and umami while reducing sodium and removing added MSG.

FlavorSpice Our flexible portfolio of ground herb and spice alternatives that can help you deliver on natural label claims.

Real Food Ingredients & Organics From herbs & spices to organic culinary flavor bases, our natural flavor solutions can help you meet those 'pantry ingredient' challenges head-on.

Steam Sterilized Spice & Herb Portfolio We use a proprietary, industry-leading steam technology that is natural and chemical-free.