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Our Approach:Sensory & Consumer Science

Sensory & Consumer Science

Straight from the consumer’s mouth

Incorporating the opinions of your target consumer into every stage of the product development cycle is key to your success. Through consumer testing, descriptive testing, and our proprietary Create IT process, we’ll close the gap between research & development and sensory that’ll help ensure your product will be a consumer-preferred hit.

In-house consumer testing, every corner of the world

Need to test a flavor across global markets? Our global sensory units are just that—global. Around the world, we have access to consumers for rapid concept feedback. Regardless of location, our testing is standardized, so there is no variation in how the data is collected, processed, and analyzed.

Consumer testing includes:
  • Central location tests
  • Home use tests
  • Focus groups
  • Product usage groups
  • Consumer advisory groups
  • Internet surveys
  • In-depth interviews
The Create IT® process

The Create IT process

Our proprietary Create IT process brings together a high-performance team including your key decision makers and our marketing, consumer insights, sensory, culinary, and product development experts. This collaborative process, together with input from target consumers, helps increase your marketplace success and speed to market.

Descriptive testing

Descriptive testing

As an important part of sensory evaluation, descriptive testing will provide you with detailed data about every aspect of your product, including flavor, aroma, and texture. Descriptive testing involves: