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Flavor in your favor, from sweet to savory

Your flavor-focused consumer craves satisfaction all day, from a morning muffin to an herb baked sandwich roll to an after-dinner dessert. Bringing our experience and distinctive capabilities to the table can help you avoid the risk of having your perfect flavor compromised during processing. From in-dough flavors to topical seasonings, and fillings for confections we partner to create flavor solutions designed around your processes and products.

From sweet to savory, our expertise is creating your ideal flavor:

We are committed to identifying and creating flavor solutions with the right flavor profile, in the quickest time possible. We finesse your creations with authentic notes—satisfying sensations such as roasted and toasted—so that consumers enjoy fresh-tasting, experiential flavors, whether baked fresh or fresh from the package.

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We’ll let you in on a secret—Flavor Cell®

Creating distinct flavor moments doesn’t just happen on accident—protecting your flavor in process should never be a game of chance. The magic and versatility of our proprietary Flavor Cell® proprietary encapsulation technology is what makes the magic happen. The versatility of our proprietary Flavor Cell®technology gives you the flexibility to control flavor release for that unexpected experience, and create a variety of burn-resistant ingredients that will look and taste great after baking. Adding to the benefits, Flavor Cell® also enables stable flavor delivery through high shear, high temperature extrusion, dough proofing and even freeze thaw cycles.

It’s how your bread products with topical seasonings retain flavor and visual appeal after baking. It’s how we layer tastes in your confections so that one delightful bite starts as lemon and finishes with a surprising burst of strawberry. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination—is your team up to the challenge?

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Keep it clean

Staying healthy can taste great too

Your consumers love creamy, full-fat flavors but are demanding healthy options at the same time. When meeting labeling demands for less sugar, reduced calories, and gluten-free, taste cannot be compromised. McCormick’s proprietary masking and enhancing technologies provide options to mask the off-notes created in high-fiber and whole-grain products. For chocolates and low-fat fillings, we boost those ever-important sweetness levels and ensure a creamy mouthfeel for ultimate consumer satisfaction. With McCormick, better-for-you can taste great too.

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