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Frighteningly Hot Ghost Pepper

February 2022 | Luz, Scientist II, PD

From grocery stores to upscale dining heat is everywhere. Fueled by awareness and availability, it’s consumed for fun, delight and even on a dare. So when my team asked me to come up with a “dare you to try this” seasoning, my mind immediately went to the ghost pepper, one of the world’s hottest chilies hailing from Northeast India, with a Scoville Heat Unit over 1,000 … very hot! Like the thrill of a haunted house, the ghost pepper delivers frighteningly bold levels of heat.


My experiment began with an exploration of heat via chili peppers, spices, oleo ghost pepper, a savory enhancer, flavor cap capsicum and flavor cap vinegar. Combined with ingredients like onion and garlic to balance heat with flavor, I landed on the finished product that builds a delicious but biting heat that lingers on the tongue long after the experience is over.

Snack time is an obvious get for thrill seekers looking for big heat, so foods like tortilla chips and crackers are a definite match for this seasoning. But we’re truly seeing spicy flavors across the board, so consider this seasoning as well when dialing up the heat profile in hot sauces, mealtime applications and even candy and confectionary. When you have an audience that’s willing to try heat and flavors that are extreme, nothing is out of the question!

Ready to heat things up? To deliver ghost pepper heat and flavor to your applications, get in touch with McCormick today... if you dare.