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Give Your Flavor a Fighting Chance With Flavor CellĀ®

July 2017 | Tina, Principal Scientist

I often describe my job as “fun with flavors.” It is always exciting when new flavor development takes a product to the next level, and you get that “wow, this tastes really good” reaction. It’s even better when we can use our cutting-edge flavor technologies to solve customers’ long-standing challenges.

One of our keystone developments has been Flavor Cell®, a propriety encapsulation technology that can solve a huge variety of product development issues. Flavor Cell® allows us to not only find the right flavor for each new project but to also protect that flavor so that it delivers an uncompromised, maximum taste experience for consumers.

There are all sorts of issues that come up when trying to maintain flavor integrity in commercial products. Flavor Cell® has three different solubility matrices, each designed to solve a variety of development issues.

Postcards from the Bench

Flavor Cell® HSM is ideal for dry beverage systems. Imagine trying to develop a flavored tea, powdered sports drink, fruit juice mix, or flavored coffee, but it loses flavor over time. For drink mixes, Flavor Cell® HSM protects against oxidation, allowing for that initial burst of flavor to come through and for flavors to maintain their integrity.

We often use Flavor Cell® MSM for baked goods, seasonings, and confections. The commercial baking process can cause toppings to burn or lose flavor because of the heat. Trying to add flavors to breads and doughs sometimes compromises the gluten structure or loaf volume. With Flavor Cell® technology, you can add garlic and onion flavor to bread without compromise, or add cinnamon flavor to breads without darkening the loaf or adding extra sugar. Additionally, flavors stay in the dough rather than flashing off during baking.

Postcards from the Bench

With confectionery items, Flavor Cell® MSM in combination with a liquid flavor allows us to develop a layered flavor release, so that the flavors gradually change as you chew: strawberry to lemonade, for instance. This flavor layering works for cookies, granola bars, and many other applications.

Flavor Cell® LSM is the most robust, working for cereals, snacks, fried doughs, and products that need to be freeze-thaw stable. In lower sugar cereals, it masks off-notes often found in healthy grains. Flavor Cell® LSM protects flavors through frying and freezing, helping to create favorites such as flavored frozen pizza dough and so much more.


The type of processing and the amount of moisture in your product determines which matrix is appropriate for your product.

Find out now how Flavor Cell® can work for your development needs by contacting your McCormick account manager or if you are new to McCormick Flavor Solutions, contact us today!