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Sweet & Savory Bakery Seasoning

February 2021 | Darla, Principal Scientist

I joined McCormick® in 2019 as a Principal Scientist, but my whole career has been devoted to developing seasonings. (I even went to the University of Hawaii for Food Science!) Anywhere you can find seasonings, I’ve been there – from meat and poultry processors to snack food manufacturers, to the baking industry and more. Learning is one of my favorite things. And when those interests intersect with my job, the results are so exciting!

Asked to combine savory with sweet to push the boundaries of a baked application, I recently had the privilege of developing a trendy Caramelized Onion & Fig Seasoning. And the tool for helping to balance its more fragile flavor compounds and enhance stability during the baking process? One of my favorites – McCormick’s FlavorCell® Encapsulation Technology. 

When compared to conventional counterparts, FlavorCell Onion and FlavorCell Garlic proved their amazing capabilities, even in topical applications, preserving and protecting flavor throughout the baking process. It’s a unique taste experience – a sweet and savory seasoning profile that truly blurs the boundaries in bakery and desserts. What does it taste like (besides delicious!)? With brown caramelized onion notes upfront, it leads to a mildly sweet, balanced onion and jammy fig finish.

Feeling inspired? Us too! Let’s partner to create unique seasoning solutions that withstand the baking process. Reach out to your McCormick account manager or contact us today.