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Thinking Outside the Donut Box

August 2019 | Tyler, Insights & Content Associate

Donuts have come a long way since Homer Simpson deemed them his favorite food. No longer limited to set shapes, sizes, or fillings, their versatile base creates infinite opportunities for creativity, both in aesthetic and for flavor. Menu innovation for this familiar favorite is booming with 7% menu penetration growth in the past year alone, and 29% over the past four years (Datassential).

What’s driving this growth? Chains and independent operators alike are creating unique flavors that transcend traditional donut table-stakes. While donuts are usually sold by chains, unique fillings, toppings, and even bases have paved the way for independent operators to start selling niche novelty donuts that garner interest with Instagram®-able appeal. At McCormick Flavor Solutions, we strive to think outside of the donut box, and work to create show-stopping flavors that help you to defy the status quo. We are here to inspire you with flavorful twists for your next donut (or non-donut) innovation, check out some of the ideas below to get you started:


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